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Preguntas y Respuestas


1 What is the definition of "cycle use" and "standby use"?
2 Why is the charging voltage for "cycle use" higher that the voltage used for "standby use"?
3 What is the effect of different charging currents on batteries?
4 What does "100% discharge" and "50% discharge" mean?
5 Thermal runaway will happen if a battery is operated under 40-50°C for a long period. How will thermal runaway effect a battery?
6 How can you check to see if a battery has been fully charged?
7 What are the concerns when using CSB batteries in a parallel or a serial series?
8 How can you check a battery's performance?
9 If a battery is stored for 6 months at 30°C (86°F) since its manufacturing date, how can you bring the battery's performance back to 90% in 1 hour's time? Will that procedure cause any quality problems?
10 How can the conversion be made between "watts (W)" and "amp hours (Ah)"?



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